We believe

in Creativity

\ about us

For years trademarks have been our business. We develop branding, prepare print- and electronic materials, design websites- all aimed at Your business activities’ optimal presentation. We try to achieve the  ideal combination of intuitive user-friendliness, esthetics and page speed. We are well aware that that is what You need in e-business. We are eager to take on challenges where creative support are demanded.

So, if You are looking for a competent partner to realise Your plans- You’ve just met him. It’s us! We stand for highest quality throughout the whole work process.

We believe in creativity and we believe in You.  

Our Modus Operandi


Nice to meet You!

Now You have found us, why don’t You call? Lets discuss Your plans, specify Your goals and expectations!



We work out the work stages  to achieve Your objectives. We favor direct approaches and strict schedules.



Let’s get going! We apply  cutting-edge techniqies and are well acquainted with the latest trends. We always try to be a step ahead of the competition.



You give us Your opinion on our proposals and Your customers’ response. We discuss and, where needed, take corrective action. Ultimately it is Your success that counts.


Won’t You Call again?

We do everything to satisfy Your expectations and would enjoy to see You drop by again with new projects. You’ll see that the cooperation with us will turn out a real pleasure

What Do We Do?

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Modes of Cooperation.

Definite order, fixed rate!

Plain scenario: You place Your order and we deliver a concrete cost estimate. It is our responsibility to assess the cost of our work properly.  That’s the way we do it with projects that allow for a fixed amount of labor and a concise schedule.  The observation of the planning will guarantee mutual satisfaction.

Additional work , additional costs.

It is not always possible to estimate/assess the work on a project beforehand. More often than not various issues arise during the  working process. If we take on a dynamic order we first try to assess the budget and draw a preliminary schedule- both  will be monitored and adjusted accurately during the working process in accordance with the standards on which we have agreed with You before the outset of the operation. Thus You always are in control  of the expenses. Time is money- Yours and ours.

You Are the Master of Our Time!

This version allows You unlimited access to and contact with our project engineers, programmers and other professionals within a set time-frame. For a certain period we become part of Your business-enterprise. This approach has proved successful in the realisation of long-term projects when You have got Your hands full and cannot take charge of everything personally. And when You believe in us and trust us.

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